Representation Theory and Combinatorics


Room 309, Science Bldg, #3, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan
25-28 Aug 2009

The time for one talk will be 60 minitsu.

Speakers(alphabetical order)
  • Takuro Abe (Kyoto Univ.) : Primitive derivations and Coxeter multiarrangements
  • Takeshi Ikeda (Okayama Univ. of Science): K-theoretic analogue of Schur's Q-functions and isotropic Grassmanians
  • Yasushi Komori (Nagoya Univ.): On multiple Bernoulli polynomials and multiple L-functions of root systems
  • Jae-Hoon Kwon (University of Seoul): Schur operators and Littlewood-Richardson rule of extremal weight crystals
  • Toshiaki Maeno (Kyoto Univ.) : Lefschetz elements of Artinian Gorenstein algebras and Hessians of homogeneous polynomials
  • Hiroshi Mizukawa (National Defense Academy of Japan) : Spherical harmonics on finite groups and their aplications to Statistics
  • Kento Nakada (Wakkanai Hokusei Gakuen) : An algorithm which generates standard tableaux for a shifted Young diagram with uniform probability (abstract)
  • Yasuhide Numata (Univ. of Tokyo): On an edge-signed generalization of chordal graphs and free multiplicities on braid arrangements
  • Souichi Okada (Nagoya Univ.): (q,t)-deformations of multivariate hook product formulae (abstract)
  • Yoshihisa Saito (Univ. of Tokyo) : On tensor products of Mirkovic-Vilonen polytopes in type A
  • Atsumu Sasaki (Waseda Univ.): Visible actions on multiplicity-free spaces
  • Junichi Shiraishi (Univ. of Tokyo) : Macdonald polynomials and quantum algebras (abstract)
  • Kai Meng Tan (National University of Singapore): The Lie module of the symmetric group (abstract)
  • Kimio Ueno (Waseda Univ.): Iterated integrals and relations of multiple polylogarithms
  • Tomoyuki Yoshida (Hokkaido Univ.) : Finite Gelfand pairs and some applications to Markov chain Monte Carlo method

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    02:40 30 Aug 2008.
    Organizers: Hideaki Morita (Muroran Institute of Technology) and Hiro-Fumi Yamada (Okayama Univ.)