Venue and Access
The symposium venue is "Kunibiki Messe" (Shimane Prefectural Convention Center) which is located 10 min from Matsue Station, and surrounding hotels.
Matsue-city is connected by two major airlines (JL and NH) to Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka. Between airports (Izumo and Yonago) and the city, there are shuttle buses for each flight.

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Matsue-city, prefectural capital of Shimane, is located north-west of the main island of Japan, and the city faces the Japan sea and two beautiful lakes. In the evening, the sunsets are very beautiful (upper picture).
The symbol of the city is Matsue Castle, built in the 17th century (cover page). Small rivers and channels around the castle, connecting the castle and the lakes, acted as a barrier against attacks in Samurai era. Most of these historical places are conserved today. You are able to climb up to the top of the castle and a boat trip around the small rivers is also available.
Shimane prefecture was famous for “TATARA steel making”, which is an old steel making process from sand-iron and charcoal (bottom picture). Although commercial production of iron and steel by this method has long since died out, factories of TATARA are preserved today.

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